The Cooperative Education Base of Wu Yi University

The company has established strategic cooperation with Jiangmen Wuyi University. The two sides jointly build an industry-university- research platform,provide training and practice bases for new students.

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Treat Product as Life

HUAHUA integrates advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, as well as product development, design, production, sales, and service. It mainly uses computer beam saw, CNC router machine, automatic edge banding machine, automatic six sides CNC drilling machine Numerous numerical contral equipment as the main product, continuous development and innovation, technology as the core, quality as life, customer as God, and dedicated to provide you with cost-effective, high-quality advanced products and enthusiastic professional technical consultation and pre-sales Medium and after-sales service.

Patent Certificate

HUAUA has won many patent certificates. 65 utility models items, 7 design patent items, 4 high-tech products items, 2 invention patent items, 4 EU CE certification items and ISO quality management system certification.

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Technical Innvoation

We Have Many Technical Innvoation, Such As: Bottom Drilling Box Device of Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine, Intelligent Clamping Device for Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine, Automatic Tool Changing Spindle Device Controlled by Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine, Gripper and Press Panel Device, Clamping Mechanism for Panels and so on.

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