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Huahua’s high precision CNC panel saw machine improves your panel processing efficiency with a high speed of 120m/min.

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Efficient Panel Cutting Solution

As an eatablished CNC panel saw manufacturer, HUAHUA brings you high accuracy CNC panel saws. Owing to nearly 20 years of industry experience and our dedicated team of experts, we also provide smart wood cutting lines to improve panel processing efficiency.

High Efficiency Comes From Perfect Configuration

Pneumatic Clamping

Powered by air cylinder, the industry-leading two-finger clamping structure can clamp panels more stably and firmly without damaging panel surface.

High Performance Motors

High speed are achieved by configuring the saw carriage with INVT 2kw servo motor, and the main saw with 18.5 kw Taiwan Sanye motor.

Smooth Roller Conveyor

Manual work is considerably reduced thanks to these small but durable rollers. They smoothly convey heavy panels to each processing worktable, while protect the panel surface from scratching.

Flexible Cutting Adjustment

Precision servo reducer can automatically adjust the cutting height according to the panel thickness, due to which accuracy is ensured even at 4,000rpm high operating speed.

CNC Panel Saw ABC

Know more about HUAHUA’s CNC Panel Saws.

What is a CNC Panel Saw?

A panel saw cuts sheets of material into sized panels. In woodworking, it is used to cut plywood, veneer, plastic, and other materials.

What are the Advantages of CNC Panel Saw?

High precision and high speed, Safe, Widely used: A CNC panel saw is used to cut many kinds of material, not only the same as a manual panel saw machine cuts plywood, MDF, chipboard etc., wood material, but also MMPA, Aluminum, Plastic, PS board and PC board.

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