CNC Wood Drilling Machine

We offer multi-side drilling machines to maximize the efficiency of your plant and enhance your wood processing business.

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Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine(With Single Drilling Box)
Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine(With Double Drilling Box)
Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine(With ATC Tool Magazine)
Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine(With ATC Tool Magazine And Aggregate Head)
Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine(With Automatic Feeding)
Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine(With Double Worktable)
Multi-row CNC Drilling Machine
Multi-row Drilling Machine
CNC Side Drilling Machine

Precise Wood Drilling Solution

As a pioneer manufacturer of woodworking machines, HUAHUA offers you quality CNC wood drilling machines and precise panel drilling solutions. Multi-sided drilling, irregular shape processing, simultaneous milling…we deliver to you functional machines to boost your business.

Accuracy is Guaranteed by Optimized Technology

Upgraded Drilling Box

The drilling box, independently developed by HUAHUA, is equipped with three-coordinate detection, which significantly improved the precision when drilling.

Simple But Powerful Control

HUAHUA’s advanced CNC system is programmed and coordinated to better control each part of the machine. Easy-to-understand interface makes operation easier than ever.

Six Sides, One Time

Precise drilling boxes are installed in different directions, which means the six sides of a panel can be drilled horizontally and vertically at one time, maximizing efficiency. 

Automate Every Process

Automatic feeding, aligning, drilling, grooving, unloading… Huahua is serious about reducing heavy manual labor, and improving safety during the whole procedures.

CNC Wood Drilling Machine ABC

Know more about HUAHUA’s CNC Wood Drilling Machines.

What is the Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine for Wood?

Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine for wood is a high-end CNC equipment for drilling and grooving plate furniture production. Six-sided CNC drilling can complete six-sided processing, grooving and milling simultaneously. Easy to operate, flexible to use, and free from manual intervention. The hinge hole can be processed in the linkage, and the thickness of the plate can be mirrored on both sides within a specific range.

2022 Best Automatic Six Sided CNC Drilling Machine for Sale

HUAHUA SKH-612H is our best-selling wood six side CNC drilling machine.

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