DEFORMAT Furniture Product Full Solution Line

DEFORMAT Furniture Product Full Solution Line 1

DEFORMAT, “Top Ten Wardrobe Brands” in China’s Home Furnishing Industry Brand Event.

In 2017, a new modern production base was established in Sanshui District, Foshan City. Total has HUAHUA 6 automatic intelligent production lines. The total area of the whole factory is 12,000 square meters. According to the manufacture requirement, planned the material area, production area, quality inspection and sorting area, packing area, and finished product delivery area. The production area includes 4 sets CNC router machines, 2 sets computer beam saw, 9 sets edge banding machines, 6 sets six-sided CNC drilling machines. Fully automated production from feeding to packaging, Monthly output up to 21,600pcs 4*8ft panels. The whole factory can achieve 5 days delivery time, 90% increase in production capacity, Helping custom home furnishing to open information-based furniture production mode.

DEFORMAT Furniture Product Full Solution Line 3

Why choose HUAHUA machines?

DEFORMAT Factory Manager: Mr. Sima

DEFORMAT Furniture Product Full Solution Line 2

In the CNC intelligent manufacturing area, We still believe in HUAHUA. We are going to let HUAHUA do the whole plant connection planning for us. The production capacity should be increased by 20%. HUAHUA is a very good brand, and we are planning to add HUAHUA’s edge banding production line. We go from customers to friends. We trust their brand.

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