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Combining automatic labeling, flexible cutting and precise drilling, HUAHUA’s multi-functional CNC wood routers boost your panel furniture business.

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Multi-Functional CNC Wood Routers

Backed with advanced woodworking technology, HUAHUA introduces to you powerful CNC wood routers. Integrating automatic labeling, flexible cutting and precise drilling, our functional CNC wood routers empower your panel furniture business to next level!

Powerful Wood Routers Improve Accurate Processing

Easy Click-to-Go Control

Equipped with simple and user-friendly operation interface, matching with support keyboard, the giant machine can be controlled on finger tips. 

Various Functions in One

Integrating drilling, cutting, grooving within one machine, HUAHUA’s wood router satisfy your most requirements on different processing technology.

Labor-Free Automation

Automatic feeding, tooling, drilling, unloading… Huahua’s wooder router help you to save labor cost while improve the efficiency and safety during panel processing.

Precision in Each Step

The adoption of ball screw conveyor and positioning cylinders narrows the tranmission error within 0.1mm, and increases the accuracy during the whole processing. 

CNC Wood Router ABC

Know more about HUAHUA’s CNC Wood Routers.

What is the Function of a CNC Router?

A CNC router or a Computer Numerical Control Router is a cutting machine controlled by your computer. It uses a spindle to cut 2D and 3D shapes into various materials such as wood, metal, plastics or acrylics.

Why is a CNC Router Better than a Laser Cutter?

Process thick materials with (usually) a much higher gantry clearance than a CO2 laser—faster-cutting speeds mean shorter production times. Automatic tool change options. Automation and consistency of produced parts.

Can CNC Machine Cut Plywood?

A CNC router can machine many materials, but you can’t beat plywood for strength, stability and availability. Available in many species and cost ranges, it’s an excellent choice for furniture, accessories or utility projects.

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