What is edge banding machine and What functions does it generally include?

HUAHUA edge banding machine

Edge bander is a kind of woodworking machinery and a vital processing flow of furniture production line. It can replace traditional manual processes with highly automated machinery with the advantages of high processing quality and fast processing efficiency. What are the functions of the edge banding machine? Follow me to learn about the edge banding machine.

Pre-milling: Double milling cutters are used to modify the ripple marks, burrs or non-vertical phenomenon caused by the panel saw processing to achieve a better edge sealing effect and to make the edge band and the board more tightly fit, with better integrity and aesthetics.

Adhesive edge banding: Adopting a unique structure, evenly apply adhesive on both sides of the edge banding plate and edge banding material to ensure a stronger adhesion.

Head-to-head: through precise linear guide rail movement, automatic tracking of the mould and high-frequency, high-speed motor fast cutting structure to ensure the cut surface is smooth and smooth.

Finishing: Both the profile automatic tracking and high-frequency, high-speed motor structure are used to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimmed board. It is used to repair excess edge banding material above and below the edge band of the plate. The finishing knife is an R-shaped knife. It is mainly used for PVC and acrylic edge banding for panel furniture. Edge banding with a thickness of 0.8 mm or more is preferred.

Scraping: Used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the non-linear motion of the trimming process so that the upper and lower parts of the board are smoother and cleaner.

Polishing: Clean the processed sheet with a cotton polishing wheel, and make the edge sealing end surface smoother by polishing.

Slotting: It is used for direct slotting of wardrobe side panels, bottom plates, etc., reducing the process of panel sawing, and it is more convenient and fast. It can also be used for slotting aluminium edging door panels.

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